Do-Re-Meebies is a fun and friendly music class for you and your little one.

Do-Re-Meebies incorporates singing, playing percussion instruments and using puppets to support and encourage the learning and enjoyment of music.


At Do-Re-Meebies, we believe that listening to, playing and creating music has many benefits for everyone - it can

·        enhance a child's learning and creativity

·        encourage speech and develop vocabulary  by singing songs

·        relax and soothe

·        encourage movement

·        increase confidence



Do-Re-Meebies is all about enjoying music and singing with your child in a group where children will also have the opportunity to make friends, learn social skills and interact with others. While singing with your child you will also have the chance to meet other parents/carers.


Come along and sing along

The Methodist Church

Winchester Road

Highams Park




9.30-10.15 and 10.25-11.10 

Term time and through most school holidays


£4 per session


Recommended age is from 6 months to 4 yrs but all babies and toddlers of any age welcome